Image for Business Survival in an Ever-changing Industry

Business Survival in an Ever-changing Industry

July 25, 2019

Panel Presenters:
Danielle Hughes, Melanie Rumler, Giulia D’Anna & Gay Wardle

At our upcoming APAN AESTHETICS CONFERENCE in Melbourne, one of the sessions will bring together four amazing thought-changers who will share their views on key areas of consideration through an interactive panel session.

With the many changes that are redefining and broadening the industry’s scope of practice, how are businesses adapting and evolving to meet the growing needs of consumer expectations?  What are key strategies to implement to beat the ever-growing discounting trend that is luring clients to your competitors? 

The panel will include experienced business owners and educators to debate effective strategies and bring insightful and valuable solutions to these challenging issues.  This session promises to be thought-provoking and provide incredible value to both business owners and their staff. Bring your questions as this will be an interactive session.

If you have not booked your ticket for the conference yet, please do so today.  There will be 16 dynamic speaker segments, an amazing buffet lunch and wonderful industry collaboration awaiting you at the GRAND HYATT – 123 Collins Street, Monday 12th August.


Here is your chance to snap a ticket at the very special price of $259 instead of $299. 

This offer is only available for FOUR TICKETS and will expire this Saturday 27th July.

The conference will provide you with a diverse range of topics allowing you to gain incredible information on the latest scientific discoveries, treatment protocols, the changing consumer trends, industry updates, regulations and the latest in technological advances.

Gain a unique global perspective that will empower you to sustain your competitive advantage and move more confidently into a brighter future in your profession and your business.

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