The Australian Radiation Protect and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is the national body responsible for developing Australian-specific codes, standards and guidelines for the purpose of radiation safety.

In a bid to establish a level of uniformity of standards they recently developed a document which they released to key stakeholders for comment.  The document is intended to provide “advice” for the purpose of supporting safety measures for those who operate, as well as those who access light-based therapies.  The document will be divided into two sections:

The Advice for Consumers aims to promote risk awareness before undergoing procedures and assist in making an informed decision about treatments.

Advice for Treatment Providers aims to promote good practice in radiation safety through information about consultation, client assessment, safety standards and appropriate training to gain competency in the application of light-based cosmetic treatments.

In reviewing this document APAN has put forward several recommendations that we believe will make this process more efficient and although it falls short of full regulation for both the safety of the consumer and in adequately protecting the industry from being exploited, it is a start and hopefully we can move forward towards on-going improvement in national standards.