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Leading the way in Device Excellent Quality Service and Affordable Payment Solutions

Our products are reflective of an evolving and highly responsive industry, that’s why we offer our clients the opportunity to upgrade or change devices depending on the response from their clients. Our goal is to help clinics thrive, not just survive, and it is our philosophy to be adaptable so that we are part of the solution and not cause clinic owners additional stress.

All Laseraid equipment come from reputable manufacturers such as Zimmer, Athlegen and Viora and are backed by the famous Laseraid service and support. With the addition of rental options, Laseraid has enabled clinics to grow, quickly and without stress.

Laseraid Subscription provides you with a complete range of devices to achieve leading treatment results for the face and body.

  • Leading Brand Name Devices
  • Excellent Marketing Support
  • 7-Day Servicing and Support
  • +Monthly Store Credits
  • Training

Complementary treatments to accelerate results that can be successfully integrated into your clients’ aesthetic, or cosmetic injectable regime.

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