Image for Three key summit speakers that will take your clinic to new heights!

Three key summit speakers that will take your clinic to new heights!

February 20, 2024

Our summit has been carefully curated to deliver the very latest and must-have educational content, in technical information, trends and business mastery, this event promises to provide you with exactly what you need to raise your confidence level and achieve incredible business and professional success in 2024.

Day 1

Will deliver the plenary, lectures and panel discussions at the highest level.

From 5 pm to 7 pm, indulge in an exquisite cocktail party accompanied by beautiful music. Unwind and network with inspiring industry leaders and colleagues in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

Day 2

Three streams of workshops where you can deepen your knowledge on the how-to of advanced, next-level treatment outcomes. Learn how to master clinical results.

  • If you are a cosmetic nurse or doctor, you will be able to attend a full day of workshops on the very latest in Injectable Techniques – there will be something for everyone.

Here are just some of the speakers who will provide you with expert knowledge


Re-thinking the ageing skin and the role of topical antioxidants.


Dr Belal Chami PhD

Universally, the most in-demand appearance improvement objective is the prevention and reversal of skin ageing. The appeal for youthfulness is coveted by both men and women of all ages. Constant advances and more sophisticated capabilities of device technologies promise to achieve cellular renewal and stimulate skin cells to return to a more youthful state.

However, at the core of skin ageing is the impact of DNA damage.

Dr Belal Chami is a biomedical researcher who has conducted extensive research in chronic inflammation, disease and ageing and the role of antioxidants in restoring skin health.

In this lecture, he will present key findings from his research on both what causes DNA damage and new-generation antioxidant compounds that promise a more advanced level of skin improvement. In this lecture you will learn:

  • The role of accumulated DNA damage in ageing
  • Identify naturally occurring compounds that promote DNA repair
  • The new, evidence-based approach to formulating topical antioxidants for DNA repair.

About the speaker

Dr Belal Chami PhD

Dr Belal Chami is a visionary and a renowned biomedical researcher who specialises in examining antioxidants, reactive oxygen species and inflammation in the setting of chronic inflammatory aetiologies. He has made significant contributions to this field through his research endeavours and has contributed to over 30 research articles shedding light on the effects of oxidants in diseases and the remarkable potential of antioxidants in enhancing cellular health. He is the formulator of next-generation cosmeceutical serums available through Redox Skin Lab.


Pitching to the media


Kirstie Fitzpatrick | Journalist and Television Presenter

Despite living in an age of social media advertising and influence, traditional media can still play an important role in showcasing and heralding businesses.

The role of the media remains to tell audiences about things that are in the public interest including everything from changes to TGA requirements and legislation, to new research and developments within the industry, to a new product or business launch.

Once we understand the role of the media and media requirements, we can use this as a springboard to contact media organisations.

This lecture will cover:

  • An overview of today’s media landscape
  • What constitutes a pitch to the media
  • Why storytelling can make a difference

About the speaker

Kirstie Fitzpatrick is a talented new-generation journalist and Media Professional based in Canberra and a rising star as a TV presenter. She is comfortable with all media platforms and has a real passion for telling stories and informing people about current issues and current affairs.

In recent times she entered the world of dermal therapies because of her own experience with skin cancer and recently graduated with an Associate Degree in Applied Health Science (Dermal Therapies).

We are delighted that Kirstie has joined our APJ Journal Expert Contributors team where she shares with our readers valuable tips for successful media engagement and ways of expanding your message to the public for business growth.


The changing landscape of social media in 2024


Trish Hammond

In today’s digital world, mastering your social media strategy and content are critical components to the success of any business. As with all developing technologies, Social Media management is fast becoming a specialised professional area.

Over the past few months changes to algorithms are impacting who gets to see your posts, as well as how you should reformulate your content for optimal exposure and engagements.

Trish Hammond is a passionate and dedicated expert who meticulously studies these changes and trends so that she can continue to deliver leading results to the companies that she services with exceptional skill in their social media marketing. 

In this lecture, Trish will present valuable information in:

  • Identifying the current changes and trends in the various social media platforms.
  • What do these changes mean to the aesthetic business moving forward?
  • Effective guidelines in winning in the ‘content production maze’.
  • Gain clarity on what works and what no longer works.

About the speaker

Trish Hammond is an award-winning social media expert with extensive experience and expertise in the whole social media world. She has supported numerous businesses to grow their client base and expand their reach through skilfully implemented social media strategies. Trish is highly skilled and up-to-date on the winning strategies that will allow you to gain the maximum benefit from your social media platforms.

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