In the next few days, we will be contacting you for your APAN membership renewal. Being part of a professional body that is fighting for you is critical during these challenging times.

APAN is dedicated to representing your needs with the government and voicing your specific requirements.  These meetings are allowing the various government agencies to gain a better understanding of our specific industry sector and the value we bring to the community, as well as the business environment. We are not hairdressers, and it is important that they recognise us as a separate personal service sector and offer us the appropriate recognition. 

Since COVID-19 APAN’s workload had doubled as we represent the industry needs of each and every state.  This year we have serviced over 930 inquiries from anxious business owners and individual practitioners seeking advice and guidance and this number continues to grow.

Your membership allows us to continue to be a strong voice for you as well as provide you with much-needed tools to protect you and to assist you in running your business with the right support. 

COVID-19 Initiatives in 2021

I want to make it very clear that our role is to listen to our members carefully and thoughtfully and where warranted, put forward recommendations to the government, and make them aware also of specific cases where an exemption should be considered. While there is no guarantee that an exemption order would be issued, our role is to present your cases, and I can assure you that in some cases we have had some success, for example in NSW.

Even when we have not succeeded in bringing the desired outcome, it has not been a waste of time as we have had the opportunity to have in-depth and serious discussions with various state government departments, making them aware that those in our industry who hold skin-penetration licenses and infection control qualifications should be considered as low risk. As an example, at the end of August, we contacted both the Victorian Premier’s Office and the NSW Premier’s Officer as well as the Health Ministers of both states, requesting consideration with regards to permission for the clients to remove their masks within the treatment room with a protocol recommendation that would not compromise infection control safety.  This was because some of the roadmaps were indicating that masks were required to be worn by the practitioners as well as the client throughout the procedure.  This virtually meant that anyone having a facial treatment would not be able to be serviced. In essence, this is most of our members. 

Both NSW as well as Victoria immediately contacted us and confirm that our recommendations would be taken into consideration for any further directives. Since then, the need for mandated facial masks for clients during treatment has been removed from any further reopening orders.

Ongoing regulatory activities with government health departments

Our connections with various Health Regulatory Departments are extensive and ongoing. Having been in operation for over 12 years and representing an industry of over 36,000 many of which are business owners, government departments recognise and regularly turn to us for advice and in-depth contribution to the drafting of standards.  Please note that the area of Health Regulations is very complex and time consumers compared to HR regulations which deal with wages and working conditions.  Please see a separate report on our activities in this area of regulations.  UPDATE ON APAN’S CONTRIBUTION TO REGULATORY INITIATIVES.

One of the most accessed documents this year has been individual contracts for a variety of different positions and varying terms and conditions.  As a result, we have developed in excess of 12 new resource documents including contractor templates.  Some we have customised to your specific needs at no additional charge.  

Mental hygiene program

Additionally, all who renew this year will receive the APAN Mental Hygiene and Business Development Program valued at over $400 FREE OF CHARGE.  We believe that every business owner and practitioner will gain great value from this program on both personal and professional levels.  Please allow us to continue to support you.  Together we can weather the challenges and stay strong to face the future.  There are numerous new opportunities that will allow you to continue to achieve the success you deserve.

What is APAN doing for you in 2022?

  • REGULATORY ACTIVITIES:  There are plenty currently that we are working with which will continue with the main focus being the IPL and Laser regulatory process.  As a rule, each year we are approached to be involved with at least five initiatives.  Also, with the constantly changing needs for business owners during COVID-19 restrictions the level of government involvement is on-going.
  • CONFERENCE: Once again, our conference program will feature leading industry topics and global experts to educate and strengthen your ability to grow and prosper. If permitted, we will try to also have a face-to-face conference.
  • APJ JOURNAL:  We are expanding the publication with additional experts who will be committing to an ongoing robust educational program.
  • New:  APJ WEBSITE:  In early 2022 we are launching a new website that will feature an extensive array of article on a variety of topics for members to access for free, (non-member will need to subscribe).  Each month we will be adding new articles that from our extensive library of over 1000 articles.  The resource can be used for educating your client or your staff on high-quality and well researched topics. 
  • YOUTUBE CHANNEL: We will continue to interview as well as present education topics on “all things aesthetics” through our own YouTube channel.
  • RESOURCE DOCUMENTS: Expanding these as new needs arise that require legal documents to help protect and simplify your workload.
  • NEW COURSES:  This year we added Electrolysis training as well as injectable training through Dr Giulia D’Anna amazing program. Please let us know what course you wish to access through APAN, and we will endeavour to provide them for you.  All these courses will also include CPD Point recognition.
  • MENTAL HYGIENE AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: This program will become central to business stability and productivity.  Members will be able to also access a coach on a one-to-one basis to assist them with their individual needs as they arise.

Please look out for your membership renewal notice. Despite the rising costs, we have not increased our membership rates for over six years.  If you are not a member or have allowed your membership to lapse, please contact us.  Progressive payment options are also available, but you must phone the office to secure this option.  Phone 07 5593 0360