Image for Industry Support to Those in Need

Industry Support to Those in Need

July 2, 2021

If you haven’t registered for this conference and need some inspiration and support, we have a SPECIAL OFFER for you, especially if you are in lockdown.

It is not too late to register for the APAN online conference as the program will be accessible for 30 DAYS

We have a very special offer for those in need: To assist businesses or individuals who are struggling we have made available to you the ability to pay your registration over three easy monthly payments. This is a great time to immerse yourself in some leading education.  You can register here.

For those who are struggling and need support and guidance, APAN is also offering a free 15-minute COVID Mentoring Service over the next month. Please don’t suffer in silence. Contact us at and book a time for us to contact you. We are here to help and sharing the burden and seeking help can make a big difference.  We understand we care, and we can help.  

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