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How to get your Mojo Back

August 30, 2021

Dear Colleagues and Friends

Today, I am looking forward to picking up from last week’s blog on finding meaning in our turbulent world. We discussed the power of engagement in allowing us to stay relevant to our clients. More importantly, we looked at not losing sight of why we do what we do, rather than just focusing on mechanically getting through the motions without engaging our hearts and finding joy in the process.

So, let’s now consider how we can gain that momentum and preserve the joy in what we do.

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with endless information, polarising viewpoints, pressures to stay flexible, and the importance of embracing change, not to mention the constant disruptions with government restrictions. These stresses can overwhelm us and rob us of our joy.

In my life when I find myself in this state, I recognise the need to take time out to regain my perspective of who I am and reconnect with my priorities. My key objective of why I serve this industry is to support individuals and business owners to achieve their dreams, reach their full potential, and accomplish their success through industry-leading standards of best practice. This is my purpose, and it is based on my values of honouring others. Whenever I am stressed, I find I have wandered outside of my purpose and values and when I return to them, I invariably regain peace and joy in what I do.

I find great comfort in interacting with my twin sister who, despite living in the US, regularly interact and support each other in both our personal development and in our pursuit for knowledge and wisdom in who we are and what we do.  As the saying goes “iron sharpens iron” and we often have truthful conversations about areas we need to improve in or, let go of.  Recently, we were talking about the issue of being ‘flexible to change’ – which seems to be the focus at this time and Kathy brought up a point that I believe was very profound – “while we need to learn to be open and flexible to embrace change and find new ways of doing a thing, we still need absolutes that we can stay true to, as this will give us the stability we need to protect our authenticity”.

How true!

If we allow ourselves to be tossed to and fro because of the need for change, we can find that our sense of purpose can become fragmented. We still need to stay true to our values as the stabilising force in our lives.  It is the commitment to our beliefs and values that will allow us to draw wisdom on what elements of change to embrace, without losing ourselves in the process.   

Staying True to Yourself

Most people know more or less what they want to do with their lives and what is important to them. I am sure you do too.  You may momentarily lose sight of it because life beats you into submission and conditions you to question your worth or direction. Society at large promotes activities that aim to dull and disengage you. Distractions such as comfort food, alcohol dampen the senses or meaningless T.V. programs to mute your brain. They know you need this anaesthetic as a means of escaping from the pressures.  However, escape is only a temporary distraction to give yourself a break, but real joy only comes when we face our challenges and reconnect with what is meaningful in our life.

Aligning yourself with core values

If you want to increase your productivity and confidence in your direction, find what engages you the most.  You will identify it because you will find it easy to connect with it. This is a common misconception that you must find something that gives you pure joy, but I disagree. Simply find something that engages you – that compels you to want to get good at it is the key. At the end of the day, you’ll find meaning if you’re both engaged and aligned with who you are at your core. The goal is to find your zone where the challenge of continuing to improve is not a burden, in fact, improvement is something that you relish and draws out the best in you.

The importance of balance in your life

I’m good at engaging with my work, but I’m not good at engaging outside of it as I tend to be a workaholic.  So, I have had to remind myself that while a life of endless pleasure isn’t meant for me, a life with no fun can be dull.  In fact, when we are void of balance in our life, we are more prone to burnout and this will ultimately affect the quality of work that we produce.

Monitoring to ensure that we live a balanced life is important.  Investing in our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing has never been more important.   So, to get a full sense of meaning in our life, we need to support the elements that will sustain us to become whole individuals.

That means:

  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Making time to self-nurture and care
  • Staying present when we are working
  • Investing in our local community
  • Reviewing and gaining clarity on our values
  • Operate with a strong sense of purpose
  • Reviewing and releasing what is no longer productive

Letting go of the clutter in our life will allow us to make room for greater focus and help us to improve our productivity.  Letting go does not mean giving up – it is the opposite.  Once you unclutter and simplify your life you will make way to remain in the right lane that will drive you the furthest in life. Your values and purpose will always point you to your destiny and where you will best shine in your pursuits.  Getting your mojo back will give you the joy of pushing to create new goals every time you reach your personal best.  If you are good, it means you don’t stop until you are great.  If you are great, it means you fight until you are exceptional.

Life will never guarantee us a smooth ride, but we can learn to master the skills to ride the waves rather than allow them to overtake us.  Stay true to yourself and be the very best you can be. Live your life with true purpose and meaning as this will serve you well.

Committed to you

Tina Viney – CEO of APAN

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