Dear Colleagues and Friends

Let’s have a heart-to-heart discussion!

At the beginning of the pandemic, we introduced a blog entitled Wisdom for Life and Business. With the current lockdowns in various states, I believe there is a need for us to go beyond networking to connecting with each other on a more personal level.  I am therefore re-introducing these interactions with you by way of regular blogs.  My aim is to help give you valuable support on a personal level, as we explore together certain thought patterns and ways to face life with greater grit and momentum.

On a personal level, I have had to learn to stay calm in the midst of the bleak reality of constant disruptions, which are now becoming a way of life. I think you would agree with me that disruptions are a ‘pain’, as they challenge our ability to predict our financial security. So, how are they impacting our emotions and can we find meaning in our lives and retain our stickability to move forward?  This is a profound question so let’s explore it.

For me, finding meaning in life is probably the most important issue that determines my ability to stick it through the bumpy times in my life. Finding meaning is important to my relationships, my career – in fact, almost every facet of my life.

Without this central source of meaning, life just isn’t everything it can be. When I lose sight of it, I’m misaligned. The same goes for you. The secret to living a life of meaning has everything to do with your relationship with what you do as opposed to the contents of what you do. It all has to do with attitude.

Before I provide my answer, let’s get this out of the way.  The meaning of life has nothing to do with money or position. After I started to achieve a bit of financial freedom, I realised the money itself provides almost no meaning. It feels good to have the money and flexibility, but they’re only a potential pathway to the meaning of life — definitely, far from a guaranteed one.

What do I mean?

Some of the most unhappy people in the world are often the ones we’d want to trade places with who have financial security. In your mind, you long for the opportunity to take a permanent break from the grind life and have all the toys and experiences you can imagine.

I speak to so many who dreamed of getting out of business and when they achieved it, in a few months they starting to feel restless with no sense of appreciation for idle time.

Have you ever taking an extended holiday, and while you were excited to take a break from routine, you eventually start to get bored, and you looked forward to getting back to work?  You miss your clients, but most of all you miss being able to bring joy to others. Why? Because the meaning of life is about being useful.

When you create a life, a career, or a business in an engaging way, you get the meaning and the fruits of your labour. You create happiness by being useful. So, what does this all mean for you, specifically? How do you find this magical meaning in what you do?

The Power of Engagement

Most people I talk to have entered this industry because they loved what they could contribute to others.  They loved looking after people’s skin, solving problems, and making their clients feel better about themselves and appreciative of the positive change they could make in someone’s life.

However, as the pressures of life started to increase, unresolved issues progressively started to take the joy out of their day, and eventually, life just became a routine.  Challenges have a way of doing that to us.

Have you ever been attended by someone who was just going through the motions? They weren’t necessarily doing anything wrong, but they were not fully present when they were servicing you – perhaps a visit to a hairdresser, a dentist, or at a doctor’s surgery. How did that make you feel? While their work may have been OK or even good, their attitude and lack of interest in connecting with you made you feel like you couldn’t wait to get out of there.

On the other hand, have you been served by someone who was fully engaged with you, the interaction was enjoyable and you left feeling uplifted, while the positive experience lingered with you? What a difference did that make? 

When we look at what we do just as a job, the ‘life’ we can bring to the task is diminished. But when we interact with others and fully engage with them and the service we are providing, we are in essence engaging in a relationship with a path to a better future and it shows.

Engagement is the meaning of life because every other plausible definition can be derived from it.

If you have lost that ‘first love’ with what you do, it’s time to revisit your motives and consider how you can once again capture the joy and meaning you once had. Re-igniting that passion will change everything.

In our next blog, we will look at ways’s we can achieve just that.

Let’s stay connected on this journey together.

Committed to you

Tina Viney – CEO

Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network