In the post-COVID-19 era, we will see the consumer focus evolve.  They will now seek ways that they can be taken care of in more nurturing ways.  The shift will be towards a stronger emphasis on safety, purity and with wellness-centred solutions to their skin, appearance and their wellbeing.

Meanwhile, new studies are identifying ways of delivering leading skin-improvement and treatment outcomes that are less aggressive. One of these areas is dermal needling. 

In his manual The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling – 3rd Medical Edition – Revised and Expanded, Dr Lance Setterfield discusses this very topic and provides new research information on which needle depth will deliver the best results for treating various skin conditions and why.

He also provides step-by-step protocols for the various skin types, which actives you should be using and in what order, post-treatment considerations that will best support the outcomes you are looking for and the correct home care.

As with every modality, new information can sometimes expose outdated concepts as being no longer accurate. Knowledge is power and learning must be on-going.

Dr Lance Setterfield is considered one of the world’s leading educators in dermal needling technique.  His extensive knowledge is sort after world-wide.  We are delighted that he will be one of our speakers at the APAN ONLINE CONFERENCE. 

However, you can also access his latest manual from this link or phone APAN 07 5593 0360

You can also complete his online study unit available from