A recent media alert that attracted over 220,000 views and responses reported a bride-to-be visiting a salon to get her eyebrows shaped, but was also given a tint without her consent leading to an extensive allergic reaction that left her blind for over 24 hours.

The allergy is most likely due to para-phenylenediamine, an aromatic amine commonly found in hair dye, which is the normal first trigger that alerts people to their sensitivity.

Phenylenediamines of various forms are subject to restriction in the EU cosmetic and tattoo ink regulations. They are referenced in the Australian poison standards, but not in the context of cosmetics as far as we are aware.

“This is a clear reminder of why patch tests should be conducted prior to eyelash or brow tints including henna treatments. 

There is a common misconception that henna being a natural tint is always safe, however, that is not the case, Tina Viney, CEO of APAN warns.

While reactions from these tinting services may not be common, the potential possibility of blindness is not worth the risk.

The news story was covered by channel seven and you can view it here

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