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Diploma of beauty therapy. Does your salon qualify for training an apprentice?

May 28, 2021

We attended the consultation process last week as APAN was invited to join as an Industry Reference Group member for the review of the Diploma of Beauty Therapy to be also available to be delivered through an Apprenticeship option. We have to say that we were impressed with how well this program is progressing. Many thanks to Gay Wardle who has contributed a great deal of work in its design which she has done over a period of nine months. 

Jenni Champion, the Industry Skills Advisor who is coordinating this process, is doing an amazing job in making sure that the various elements of its delivery will ensure the high standard of training needed for this qualification is maintained through this delivery format.

This week she had a meeting with the appropriate authorities to discuss the Diploma of Beauty Therapy proposal. The Industry Manager from DESBT who looks after the portfolio was really pleased with the consultation and input from the industry and the collective Industry Reference Group members.

Qualifying salons will get remunerated for training an apprentice

At this stage, we are optimistic that appropriate funding will be allocated for its delivery. This will mean that businesses that undertake to deliver the practical component of an apprentice’s training will be paid to do so. The full diploma will take four years to be delivered and the apprentice will be required to work within a salon or clinic one day a week.  The intention of this program is to ensure that by the time the apprentice graduates they will be well versed and confident to work within a live salon environment with a full understanding of what will be required of them in an efficiently operated salon business.    

If you are a salon owner and you are interested in registering to deliver training when the apprenticeship program is finalised, please keep an eye on this subject as we keep you up to date with this process.  On the other hand, if you are an RTO based in Queensland you can also register. Please contact APAN for further details.

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