As a business owner, you collected information from your client in order to determine the best possible approach to her treatment.

However, there are laws in place on how you use and store this information and in the event of a dispute these issues could be raised and if found non-compliant, you could be fined.

APAN is committed to protecting you. Our resource documents cover a complete range of over 50 documents to ensure your peace of mind that you are fully compliant. Our lawyers have prepared several documents to cover the area of privacy and informed consent.

Here are just a few that relate to gathering information:   

  •  Privacy Policy – Do you have a privacy policy that reflects the terms and conditions of the Privacy Act as it relates to our industry?
  • Do you have Cancellation Policy that is compliant with the new ACCC requirements? Most of the Cancellation Policies presented to us for approval did not meet with the new regulations?
  • Refund Policy:  Is your refund policy in line with the latest changes?
  • Photographic consent:  So many are taking photos of their clients and posting them on social media, have you secured a photographic consent from your client before doing so?

Don’t risk not meeting regulatory requirements through a “hit and miss” approach.  These documents are part of your protection.  It pays to make sure they are correctly written. You can now access legally written documents from APAN.  Click here for the full list

Informed Consent: Did you know that one size does not fit all procedures. Don’t put yourself at risk.

Did you know that each procedure requires its own consultation/informed consent as one size does not fit all procedures?  Consider the following:

  •  Laser and IPL consultation/Informed Consent Form
  • Cosmetic tattooing consultation/inform Consent form
  • Dermal Needling Consultation/Consent form
  • Massage consultation/Consent form
  • Body Piercing Consent form
  • Chemical Peels Consultation/consent form