We have received several phone calls from members who are asking our thoughts on the launch of a new Association called ABIC, so we believe it is appropriate for APAN to make a formal statement. We have had several conversations with ABIC board members sharing their vision and intentions with us and we wish to make the following statement.

APAN wishes to formally welcome ABIC in the industry association space and to wish them every success. This is not an easy platform, and our responsibilities are numerous as we work tirelessly to help protect and elevate the reputation, recognition success of individuals and businesses within our industry. APAN is happy to work with ABIC wherever possible on initiatives that will best support and benefit the industry.

As a highly dedicated and ethical industry body APAN has always liaised and worked collaboratively with peak bodies exchanging industry standards and policy ideas and even sharing resources.  We currently are working with the AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY OF DERMAL CLINICIANS (ASDC), ASSOCIATION OF COSMETIC NURSES (ACN), and the NEW ZEALAND BOARD OF SKIN PROFESSIONAL SKIN THERAPIES (NZBPST). We also collaborate with several cosmetic medical societies to ensure respect and recognition of qualifications, skills, and knowledge that non-medical practitioners can offer a cosmetic medical practice. With a fully serviced office and through our multiple channels and surveys we are constantly in touch with our members gaining valuable feedback on their concerns and needs.

We believe that each industry body brings a level of skill and expertise and it is important that both industry bodies and members of the industry welcome and foster an attitude of trust and collaboration rather than one of aggressive competition. 

Over the years APAN, supported by its National Advisory Council which consists of seasoned and experienced leaders, has reviewed the best possible ways to support the industry and introduced numerous initiatives to strengthen and protect the industry’s reputation. It has provided a united voice to the Government bringing to their attention the specific needs of the industry for the purpose of shaping policies and regulations that are in the best interest of the industry.  Where the Government has failed to deliver, APAN has established self-regulation through Position Statements and best-practice measures to raise the standards of the industry and alert consumers to access qualified practitioners.

In 2014 and 2016 we were the only organization in the beauty and aesthetics industry to meet the stringent government requirements and be accepted as a consortium securing over $3.4 million in government funding for business owners and their staff to gain qualifications in IPL and Laser.  Over 320 businesses and their staff secured funding with a 97% success rate of completion of their qualification.  This was a record high across all industries (approximately 15) participating in the two funds – the National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF) and the Industry Skills Fund (ISF).

APAN has a high reputation and is recognised by both state government bodies as well as Federal Government as the aesthetics industry’s most respected and active industry standards body/association representing the collective needs of our industry and we are regularly consulted by government agencies.  We come with extensive experience and with a proven record of commitment to our members.  Over the years we have supported thousands of business owners to reach their goals.

We urge all industry professionals to choose to belong to an industry body as they are the ones who fight for you.  Review your needs and determine which industry body will best serve you and your needs. The choice is yours.

Find out more about us: www.apanetwork.com/membership