We stand with you because we care about you and your business


The results of our Coronavirus Clinical Safety Protocol Kit that we developed with the help of regulators, various Australian Health Departments and universities have boosted business confidence.

The kit was launched just two weeks ago and it is already transforming businesses across every state who have chosen to access and adopt these standards.

The documents have been carefully constructed with easy-to-implement policies. They are helping salons and clinics put in place specific protocols bringing peace of mind and a level of confidence to staff and management as businesses navigate through these challenging times.
As an industry, this is not the time to panic or revert to a “hit-and-miss” approach to safety.

Industry associations (and I speak for our organisation) have a duty-of-care to establish intelligent, scientifically-sound and strategically developed protocols to protect their industry. We are not a mass public arena where shut-down is the only option because there are too many people to guide into any level of responsibility or uniform safety compliance.

We are professionals who operate and conduct ourselves in-line with professional ethics and we are required to abide by infection prevention standards and health regulatory requirements. In the case of the coronavirus, we just need to raise our infection prevention measures a few additional steps and take a more strict and stringent approach. These steps need to be directed by an independent industry body that can validate your compliance to these standards.

Please don’t close your businesses and run away in fear. We need to stay calm and come together as responsible professionals and access the appropriate preventative measures so that we can provide a safe environment for our clients to reach out to us for guidance and reassurance. We can succeed in this if we work together rather than succumb to fear and isolation.

As professionals, we should be dissipating the panic, not joining it.
Countless scientific studies confirm how stress and panic can severely compromise our immunity and weaken our resistance to viruses.
This is why APAN will now take prevention one step further.

Later this week we will be releasing the immune defence document containing dietary, nutritional and lifestyle changes to strengthen our immune system so it can resist viral attacks. We have consulted with several medical and nutritional experts and we are finalising some excellent guidelines for you to access for yourself, your staff, clients and even your family. This document will provide an excellent educational tool to raise preventive awareness on how we can support our immune system and wellbeing.

If you haven’t accessed your Coronavirus Safety Protocol kit please contact us on 07 5593 0360 or email info@apanetwork.com with your details and phone number. If you are an APAN member the kit is free. If you are not a member you can access it for $55.

The IMMUNE DEFENCE document will also be available free for members and $44 for non-members.

Together we can beat this. Don’t let this virus destroy your business. We are here to help you protect your investment.