To help support business recovery in the personal services sector Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN) has launched two digital hubs to connect consumers with their local  salon or clinic and encourage consumers to help reinvigorate these businesses across the country.

Salon Hub Australia and Salon Hub Victoria launched recently, allows businesses nationwide to include their location and services on the online platform to supporting engagement with a wider consumer base.

Between the lockdowns in Victoria and many restrictions in place nation-wide, personal care services including beauty, cosmetic tattooing and skin and age-management, businesses have been heavily impacted, with many facing financial ruin.

According to APAN, a recent industry poll revealed that 37% of businesses in this sector have gone bankrupt or are at risk of bankruptcy unless they are supported by the community. Tina Viney, CEO of APAN, described the financial hardship many businesses face.

“Several of these businesses operate expensive equipment that are often secured against personal assets such as the family home, not to mention rental payments, as well as taking care of their staff, with the mental, emotional and financial toll crippling many businesses,”
Viney said.

Many businesses in Victoria in particular have not traded for eight months, placing an enormous financial burden on businesses and in many cases threatening their survival. Visiting one of these businesses can make all the difference. 

However, many businesses have utilised this opportunity to update their knowledge and skills and stepped up their services during the lockdown period. 

With many restrictions beginning to ease across the nation, particularly in Victoria, a level of hope has been restored as salons and clinics are able to more freely deliver facial and skin treatments.

As we are approaching the end of the year, APAN are appealing for consumer support describing this as the perfect time to take care of yourself.

We appeal to consumers to please prioritise a visit a salon or clinic and support them at this critical time.  Why not access a treatment, update your skincare routine, or even purchase a gift voucher for a friend?”

Research confirms that tactile procedures such as massage lower cortisol levels and help minimise the impact of stress, which is so important in optimising our immunity following the challenging times endured this year.

“Let’s get behind these businesses and help them survive and recover.  They are so dedicated in helping to take care of you,” Tina stressed.

Please visit or / to access a salon near you.