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APAN launches new interactive initiative | Aesthetic Practitioners Online Social Platform

The APAN community spirit!

Would you agree that  on-line platforms are the preferred model of interaction for both industry-specific groups and communities at large?  While everyone has their own on-line social media links APAN saw the need to create an industry communication hub as the broader umbrella that will allow the aesthetics industry to access both resources and industry-specific information as well as have fun.

Introducing UAC – the on-line community platform that will cover not just useful tips and information, but also a environment to enjoy life and have fun.  

UAC will also include a portals that will allow consumers to learn more about our industry and gain a great understanding of how we operate as a professional community and as an industry.  They will get their questions answered and access accurate educational information to help them appreciate our services and identify the choices that will best meet their needs in terms of treatment options and products.  

Urban Aesthetic Culture, more commonly known as UAC is the new APAN online community and the aesthetic practitioners’ online social platform.  It’s a place where professional aestheticians, industry businesses, suppliers, organisations and friends can get together, have fun and share.

UAC is all about connecting like-minded individuals that share common goals, passion and interest in the fields of aesthetic skin management, anti-ageing, integrative health, and physical fitness as well as  natural and holistic wellness.  

There is an abundance of activities you can interact with in the community and taking a tour around UAC is as though you had wandered into a unique urban suburb where you discover all kinds of entertainment, relaxation and surprises.  You may find yourself strolling down a contemporary designers lane, or perhaps intrigued with the 1900s of aesthetic history or the hype surrounding the latest trends, health and wellness concepts, innovations with variations, beauty, fashion, calming yoga, toning Pilates or for a thrill, extreme sports.  

One of the popular activates is watching and sharing those hilarious moments and encounters in life that will see you release a bucket load of beta-endorphins.

Once you have become a registered member of the community, you can share inspiration and motivational quotes, post success stories and up load photos and videos experiences that bring smiles to everyone or even post recruitment or business opportunities. Members of the community can post content with text of up to 100 characters.     
News Cast is a weekly feature that brings you all the latest industry news and events and you will be able to watch this on the UAC big screen from your own device.

Participating at the UAC film studio can be anything from a barrel of laughs to the most serious discussion.  We invite by invitation request individuals and groups on the couch at UAC to share news, events, or personal achievements. These short films can be watched on  the big screen at UAC.

The community provides members with online spaces where motivated individuals can meet to collaborate ideas, discuss industry developments, and advance industry advisory network.

University alumni and Diploma alumni have their own special spaces where they can get together and exchange aspirations for the future or invite and advisory network expert to assist with direction or guidance.

Caring for others is a big part of UAC and we hope you will support our fund raising and help woman in our South Pacific nations that suffer greatly from the lack of basic essentials. Clean drinking water and water for basic essential life purposes is an essential and we want to help every man, woman and child to have access to clean water.  We achieve this through sponsorship for this cause.  Walk for Water is a fund raising program that you and your business can join and help UAC help those in need.  UAC annual Walk for Water event will be held next March 2016 and we would love you to participate. Kindness multiplied makes a bigger difference.  

It’s is a real community, so stop for a moment, take a breather and enjoy a few moments in UAC.  

You can register online at, enter your email address and choose a password – and that’s it.  Your registered – welcome to your community, take a look around, relax feel comfortable, put your feet up.  It’s its yours, have fun and share.

Existing APAN members will be automatically registered and sent an email notification.  

Come on in, take a look around, see who you can find and what fun things you can do and share.