The Sparrow Group

Whether you have a chain of salons, a single treatment room, or you work as a mobile beauty therapist, professional beauty insurance is essential for your business. No matter which part of the beauty industry you work in, obtaining the right level of insurance is essential to the success of your business, protecting you against the day-to-day risks of the job such as accidents or human error.

Beauty therapist insurance usually includes several different types of cover which protect your business in different ways:

* Professional Indemnity Malpractice Insurance for Beauty Therapists

* Public Liability Insurance for Beauty Therapists

* Business Insurance for Beauty Therapists

* Additional Cover for Beauty Therapists

Why use The Sparrow Group for your Beauty Insurance?

The unique combination of working both in the beauty industry and the insurance industry gives us, the insurance provider, a unique understanding of you and your business

Boutique business that offers personalised service and an after-hours service

Tailor your insurance to your individual insurance needs so you get the level and type of cover that you require, with Lloyd’s of London, the world’s largest insurance provider.
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