Mindful of this problem APAN has established two classifications that provide qualified practitioners with independent validation of their credentials. These are:


APAN has a special Trademark – ARAP™ (APAN Registered Aesthetics Practitioner). Industry professionals are invited to submit their qualifications for evaluation by an industry assessor who will review their documentation and determine their level for registration.  There are several categories within the ARAP registration to help identify the appropriate skills needed in accrediting a practitioner.  This process is separate to membership. Here is the link for further details https://new.apanetwork.com/arap/
For cosmetic tattooists they can apply for CTARP registration. Here is the link for this registration  https://new.apanetwork.com/ctarp/
Professionals who meet the ARAP or the CTARP registration requirements are included on the APAN Website and promoted to consumers as Approved Registered Practitioners.
ARAP and CTARP Practitioners also receive a Code of Practice, a decal to display in their business and are required to comply with on-going professional development – 15 CDP points each year as evidence of their currency www.apancpd.com.
Practitioners who hold these registrations can confirm to consumers that their qualifications have been validated independently by an industry peak body.  This can become their competitive advantage as anyone can say they are qualified, but what evidence do they have that they hold recognised nationally-approved qualifications?