Standards that reflect consumer expectations, regulatory requirements, professional integrity and best practice are the foundation to a respected and successful profession.  APAN’s Code of Ethics is considered the industry’s most comprehensive and leading Code.  It is carefully reviewed each year and kept up to date to support industry standards and reflect current practices.  It is the cornerstone of integrity and professional conduct that all members and their staff are required to adhere to.
We are also on several working groups contributing to the update of qualifications as well as the design of new ones ensuring they reflect current needs and standards that will support best practice and the recognition of profession with consumers.
As cosmetic medicine is now entering the aesthetics domain it is important that new qualifications provide educational outcomes that qualify graduates to remain competitive, relevant and better equipped to effectively operate in an ever-evolving industry.
Our Topical Anaesthetics Courses are designed to provide a pathway for our industry to appeal for more workable regulations.
Our conference programs are carefully planned to provide education that will continue to challenge practitioners and business owners with quality education to improve their knowledge and step-up the results.
Furthermore, our involvement with government agencies in the area of regulations is a very important one to ensure that unfair regulations are not introduced that do not serve our industry.  In essence, APAN is the “watchdog” for the recognition, protection and advancement of the industry. Standards are very much at the forefront of what we do.