We pride ourselves in helping our members save thousands of dollars a year in operational costs.
Operational costs can often be “hidden”.  When asking members what interest are you paying for processing their clients’ credit card payments, most of the time they have no idea. They also don’t know if the amount includes GST, if the fee is the same for different cards, or if the amount increases depending on the type of card used and often, they also do not know what their monthly terminal rental fee is.  What if we could save you thousands of dollars annually by just switching to our provider? Would that interest you?
We can do this because we have secured incredible deals with banks with discounted rates for merchant banking, lending and leasing and on-line banking, insurance, public relations services, bookkeeping and financial planning, just to name a few.  These deals only apply to APAN members and are normally only offered to large corporations, so the savings are extensive.  Trimming your operational costs is a smart business practice, as these fees are on-going and a closer examination may reveal to you the extent of these costs.  By investigating your expenses and security the services we provide, you can potentially save thousands of dollars by just switching to some or our providers.