All categories other than Associate membership, entitles you to mentoring and coaching sessions.  Our services differ to others because we examine three specific areas of your business:

  • What you are offering: Are your services up-to-date to effectively offer consumers what they are looking for? Are the techniques or technologies that you are using allow you to make your current offerings more appealing and easier to secure new clients?
  • Marketing methodology and communication: we show you the new language of communication and the most attractive way to convince your clients to take on your offerings.
  • Improving staff sales: We discuss how you can improve staff engagement with your clients and present simple ways to help them improve their sales.

As a member, you can also discuss with us advertising and marketing approaches, social media and blogs and how to improve them, as well as advice on the latest products and equipment to suit your demographic and clients.  We also help you identify the most credible companies with a good reputation for product and service integrity.