When it comes to wages and staff support, we believe that APAN provides the fairest and the most cost-effective solutions. Unlike other organisations that charge you a monthly fee, we provide you with updates on Wage Awards AND one-on-one consultation with advice and staffing concerns at no additional charge.  For a legal interpretation of a wage classification this is provided FREE OF CHARGE directly by email from us and our solicitors, giving you peace of mind as the interpretation is given to you in writing.  This often brings clarity to staff members who are confused about the accuracy of the information they are told. In most cases, when this information is provided, they do not pursue the matter with Fairwork for further clarity.  Only in the event that a matter becomes complicated, (this usually only happens if we have not been accessed for advice at the outset of a concern) a lawyer may need to be accessed directly by the member. In those instances, there may be a fee charged by the lawyers, depending on how much work is involved to resolve a case. APAN has been operating now for 10 years and we have been able to prevent and resolve staffing disputes quickly and efficient.  No case has resulted in any legal action.