We have in excess of 40 documents that have been professionally written by experts.  These cover regulatory and standards-compliance requirements that you can access from us at a small fee.  You can purchase the whole bundle, or individual documents as the need arises.  These documents include HR Template, Privacy Policy, Cancellation Policy, Refund Policy, Trade Practices Act – Advertising guidelines, KPI document to the APAN Code of Ethics, Small Business Dismissal Code, Client Consent forms: we have three – IPL and Laser, Cosmetic Tattooing, Massage Therapy. Wages Templates: Time Sheets, Roster, Pay Slips, Weekly time, wages, record sheets, Part-time work agreement variation, letters of appointment, letters of warning and letter of dismissal.  This is just a small sample – we have an additional 30 documents for you to choose from.
Putting these documents in place will help to streamline your business and give you peace of mind.  Purchasing these documents from APAN is quick, easy and extremely cost-effective.  Furthermore, they are mapped up against regulatory requirements as well.