In essence, every business that employs staff should have a minimum of four key documents in place:

  • HR Policies and Procedures document
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Refund Policy

However, APAN has approximately 40 documents that you can access. Many of these documents were written by our lawyers and cost thousands of dollars, however, members can purchase them at a very small fee.  If you are not a current member there is an additional surcharge. Let’s look at the key documents mentioned above:
Every business that employs staff must have a comprehensive HR Policies and Procedures document that legally reflects current Fairwork regulations.  This document must include detailed areas of conduct and expectations that will bring clarity to employees of what is expected of them in terms of their conduct, legal ownership of database, resignation procedures, intellectual property, etc.  Each employee must be given a copy of this document and given time to review it. They must be willing to agree and comply to its terms and conditions.  Both employee and manager will need to sign this document and each party maintain a copy.
This document can also be referred to when designing KPIs to review staff performance.
Each business that collects and stores client information is required to also have a copy of an industry-specific Privacy Policy.  All staff must be made aware of their responsibilities and comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act.  A copy should be available at your reception should a client wish to view how their information is stored and kept. It is important that you have a Privacy Policy in your business.
To deter inconsiderate cancellations, we have designed an industry-specific Cancellation Policy that you should be displayed in a prominent place in your business. This policy must outline terms and conditions for cancelling appointments.
Did you know there are regulatory rules that govern refunds? A Refund Policy is important to ensure that businesses are not expected to accept products, or refund money for treatments outside of reasonable legal guidelines.
All these documents can be purchased from APAN and are designed to help minimise disruptions.