Indeed, when it comes to staff APAN can provide you with tools for three specific areas:

  • Staff Selection
  • Staff HR Conduct Agreement, and
  • Staff Performance.

For any business, accessing the right staff is paramount to its success.  Starting from selecting your staff APAN has a comprehensive INTERVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE that outlines 25 attributes that you may be seeking from your staff member and provides you with key questions to ask to determine whether the potential candidate will have the strengths you are looking for.  For example, are you may be looking for a leader who exhibits attributes such as, initiative, decisiveness and problem-solving abilities, while staying calm, or you may be looking for someone with passion, commitment to excellence, loyalty and being able to work well within a team environment?  Depending on the kind of person you are seeking you will need to ask different questions to ascertain their suitability to the tasks and the role they will hold in your business.
The APAN INTEVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE was developed by a qualified Human Resource professional and is a valuable tool to assist you in identifying the right candidate for the job. You can purchase this at a small fee.
On the other hand, if you wish to appoint an industry-specific recruitment agency to find the right candidate for you, we can provide you with one, which you can access at a discounted member’s rate.
Staff performance must start with clear guidelines of expectations, such as what is considered acceptable behaviour and what is not, who to turn to if you have a problem, the appropriate decorum, attitude and conduct that is expected from the position they will hold.  Without a formal document that sets out these issues you will not be giving your staff the correct guidelines of what is expected of them and this will set you up for a problem waiting to happen.  APAN has a carefully drafted a 43-page HR DOCUMENT that was written by our solicitors outlining appropriate conduct and mapped up against current Fairwork requirements and regulations.  You can purchase this template from APAN for a small fee and customise it to your business, while ensuring that all the key elements of conduct that are necessary are clearly defined and in place.  Once purchased, this document then becomes your property to use repeatedly with each individual staff member. Having this document in place will help you prevent potential misunderstandings by defining the expectations and establishing the guidelines of conduct.
Keeping staff on-task and motivated is the next phase.  APAN offers Business Consulting and Mentoring to help you establish KPIs and to determine industry standards for sales performance.  You can access coaching session with an expert to review effective strategies for staff performance.  While there are certain industry standards and guidelines, we believe that each case is different and therefore we offer individual support in working through staffing issues and performance.  Additionally, APAN can direct you to a reputable business coach if you require more in-depth training and coaching for you and your staff.