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APAN Members’ Benefits – Industry Specific Insurance
As part of your membership benefit APAN has negotiated with two (2) different Insurance companies to provide you with a choice of credible Insurance options. Both the Sparrow Group and Marsh will provide you with special membership rates for the best Industry specific Insurance available. Information from and about each company is provided below to assist you. Please contact each representative for full details.
Sue Sparrow Phone: (07) 55028326, Mobile:0422 313081.
Because you run a beauty salon you know the importance of personalized and specialized service.

It”s the same finding the right insurance.

The beauty industry has become so varied meaning your business needs personal attention that takes into account your unique premises, liabilities, stock, level of income protection and your home policies. Many insurers include unnecessary cover in their standard policies, pushing up their premiums. We offer service that ensures you”re covered where it counts, and that you only pay for what you need.

Our confidence in providing this service comes from our vast knowledge of the beauty industry.

The Sparrow Group are here to provide you with proven service that will take the pressure off you, leaving you free to do more of what you do so well.

Our proven results save you money while guaranteeing peace of mind.

  • Alliance with Lloyds of London giving you security through the world”s largest and most diversified insurance providers.
  • Personalised service and insurance. Before and after you are covered.
  • Tailored cover for your salon. You only pay for what you need.
  • Convenience. All your insurance needs can be covered by the Sparrow Group, including medical malpractice, business insurance, public liability, life insurance, income protection, partnership protection and personal insurance.

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Client feedback.

” I have accessed my insurance through the Sparrow Group, having been with other companies in the past. I found their services very comprehensive. Sue took a great deal of time to do a thorough assessment of my needs and I was delighted to know that my insurance cover now not only perfectly fits my businesses, but she has also saved me over $7,000. It was great experiencing such personal care, attention to detail and excellent service.”
Christine Comans, DenVega WA

“Since working with Sue I have been able to sleep at night for the first time in a long time. I have been in business for almost five years and have constantly struggled to get the right advice and right coverage for my Beauty business. I was always reassured everything was OK even though I never felt totally OK as many times I was given conflicting information. I always paid on time, did what I was told and thought everything was alright until I had a spray-tanning claim against the business. You know that letter you wish you didn’t open. I thought, when receiving it, thank goodness I have insurance! I made the call and it only got worse from here. I thought the company I was with cared, but all they cared about was looking for a way out. I was left to fight the battle on my own. It was unnecessary and cost me dearly. Then I was referred to Sue via APAN. I immediately knew she knew her game and was so efficient it blew me away. I now know everything is covered and Sue is there for me and that I don’t have to worry any more as I know I am in the best hands. Do yourself a favour and call her. She even helped me fill in the paperwork and get things moving in the right direction.”
Susan Lauder, Qld Ph: 0402 232 889

We have negotiated with The Sparrow Group for all members who join APAN to receive a comprehensive personalised insurance review consultation valued at $190. Phone (07) 5502 8326.
As an APAN member you would have received the complimentary voucher (pictured below) from the Sparrow Group in your initial APAN membership pack. If you have mislaid it email APAN head office and request another one.