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About Skin Bio Medics Institute

Skin BioMedics Institute (SBMI) uses an evidence base approach to improve the awareness of the toxic chemicals in our daily personal care regime that can potentially contribute towards the development of disease formation and possibly cancer. The World Health Organisation mentions that there has been a worldwide increase in neurological, musculoskeletal, and autoimmune conditions, diabetes and many cancers, to just to name a few.

When we mix/combine products that contain some of these toxic chemicals the results are unpredictable and totally unknown.

SBMI has addressed this by the development of a patent protected revolutionary personalised skin analysis technology. Furthermore, SBMI have also developed their Australian and world first Nutridermaceutical technology™.

Skin BioMedics Institute practices what is called permaculture which was practiced by Ancient Egyptians. For example Dermatonics® contains a special type of Curcumin that is best grown in high altitude to ensure the plant retains its potent antioxidant and phytochemical composition. This is then prepared using SFE to obtain a superior starting material that goes into the Dermatonics® skin care formulation and ensures that it delivers skin solutions that the consumer may be seeking. Dermatonics® contains super-pure organic start materials hence, the consumer is reassured that they are receiving premium product that is safe and fresh. This is the next generation of skin care.
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