Gift Cards and Vouchers

To assist our members and the industry, APAN has produced a lovely selection of 14 DL cards designed with thought, care and sensitivity. We have produced some incredible options for you to choose from.

Gift Cards and Vouchers


New Client Invitation

We have created two different cards beautifully designed for you to promote your services and to invite new clients to trial them. A space is left at the bottom for you to place your logo and contact details. As a call to action the cards request the receiver phone and request the Special Offer, which you will determine what it is.


We Have Missed You

We have created two very different cards this time for clients that have not visited for some time. The cards on the front state We have missed you and on the back we have placed some very caring words to show appreciation and interest in inviting your past client to return for further services.


Thank You – You Are Appreciated

This beautiful card is designed to extend your personal gratitude to someone. As protocol indicates this card should be hand written, so we have not included any writing on the back so you can add your own words. This is a must-have card for every business.


With Love – Gift Voucher

This is a beautiful gift voucher that could be used for a Birthday, Valentine’s Day or for a friend or loved one. It has the words With Love on the front and on the back it has provision for the value of the gift, who it is from, expiry date and number.


A Very Special Man – Gift Voucher

This is a gorgeous gift voucher that is designed especially for men, to make a gift of a salon visit tailored just for him. On the back the standard voucher details are included. This card we know will be a great seller!


Happy Mother’s Day

This gift voucher has been designed to be used exclusively during Mother’s Day. It is simple, but very feminine. Just the right one to attract someone to consider giving their mother a gift from your establishment.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Two beautiful Christmas designs to entice your clients to purchase just the right gift from a friend or family member.


Gift Voucher

This is a generic gift voucher in earthy tones that would suit male or female. 


Happy Birthday

This card is blank on the back and can be used for clients or staff members alike. It’s always appreciated when someone remembers your birthday – especially if the family has forgotten!

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