Premier Club information

APAN’s intention is to support not only businesses and their staff but also provide a quality support structure for you as industry suppliers. We understand that times are difficult and we want to provide networking opportunities that will enhance your business and allow diverse ways that you can benefit from APAN’s extensive Network. Our plans for next year is to grow the regional events which we plan to promote as APAN New Horizon – Business and Professional Development Events and we want you to be part of them.

Our journal APJ will be expand in 2012 and we would like to put forward to you a cost-effective way of being part of our initiatives designed to help your business grow. We have developed iand launched n 2011the APAN RECOMMENDED SUPPLIERS PREMIER CLUB. This is a special supplier’s only group linked with APAN (through APJ) which provided them with a whole range of benefits and promotional opportunities.

To become a member of the Premier Club you only need to commitment to advertising in four consecutive issues of APJ ind pay for this advertising with monthly term payments through Mastercard or Visa. This will spread your advertising costs to be covered through smaller progressive payments over a 12-month period rather than having to come up with larger lump sums. As a Premier Club member, APAN will give you a wide range of extras and benefits not open to other suppliers. Please contact APAN for full details.

APAN will be limiting the number of Premier Club Members so get in quickly if you would like to become a member.

Of course if you are not interested in being a member of the Premier Club you can continue to advertise in APJ as usual and attend APAN events as a booth holder, subject to availability.

By sharing our resources with you, together we can achieve more for your business.