When looking at industry and consumer trends, APAN conducts 2-3 hours of research per day.

Additionally, we engage in an in-depth dialogue with leading global research companies such as Kline and Cosmetic Design, who also provided with their own research figures. 

Despite the challenges we have experienced over the past two to three years, the latest research predictions for our industry growth are confirmed to be very encouraging.

Specifically, the Australian facial injectable market reached $4.39 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.4% from 2022 to 2030 (Grand View Research).  When adding cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic skin and body treatments this figure rises to $9.49 billion.

Are you positioned to be part of this market share? 

In terms of skincare formulations alone, there is a strong focus on performance products that help restore the skin’s microbiome and enhance the skin’s immune response.

This is a critical consideration as skin reactions are on the rise.

Additionally, active ingredients available through serums and concentrated essences are now paired and introduced through effective layering. 

In the latest APJ Journal (issue 52) we presented an interesting article on the “Principles for Safe and Effective Pairing of Active Ingredients” that covers this topic in detail.

Learn the correct way to this strategy.

New reports also identified a spike in the popularity of medical-grade serums that combine several active ingredients in one product.

“During COVID we saw a launch of lots of cool new products that went viral, pretty packaging and DIY ways of self-care. Consumers are now educated in what works for their skin (and what doesn’t) and are ready to take their 2023 skincare routine to the next level,” the report stated.

The report also noted that consumers are better informed on science-backed ingredients that can deliver real results. 

This means that practitioners need to step up their product selection and clinical protocols in line with new product developments.

It is vital to also educate their clients on the new advances of what will work for them, as well as dispel any claims that are only based on marketing hype. 

Knowing your science has never been more important as well as how to pair and combine ingredients through a scientifically validated evidence-based approach. 

Please check pages 40-41 of APJ issue 52 for further details.