In our constantly changing and disruptive world, opportunities still exist. However, the astute business owner must be both innovative and pragmatic.

In order to advance, they need to recognise how the consumer mindset has changed. 

Identifying these changes will require that they update their communication style if they are to move forward in a sustainable way.

Change can be daunting, and many business owners are reluctant to make the necessary changes. 

This is also true of business coaches who are often stuck in the past, rehashing strategies that no longer work, but this does not negate the fact that now more than ever, the wisdom of coaching and mentoring has never been more important.  

As with every profession, staying current is essential in order to provide valuable and tangible benefits to your clients and consumers.

When it comes to transformational business growth, one couple is making waves through their style and business training programs. 

Their incredible content and communication style ensure that the principles they deliver are both memorable, and impactful and achieve the positive change that is essential to their clients. 

JARROD ABBOTT and MELINDA TIZZONE are the cofounders of #1 and Why (Number One and Why).  They are anew breed of trainers and business development experts who specialise in helping businesses improve their productivity and achieve their business, professional and personal goals.


While Jarrod and Melinda specialise in sales, services, and communication and have incredible knowledge, expertise, and tools at their disposal, their training does not follow a predetermined formula.

They review the needs of each client and develop a bespoke training program that is tailored to the specific areas of development that the client is looking for.

They work with individuals, start-ups, small businesses, large corporations, and multinationals across multiple industries.  And work on every level of the business requirements, from new team members to the CEO.

With an incredible reputation for delivering results, their success is based on understanding each business’s top priority and creating interactive training programs that deliver proven outcomes.

 Through their combined expertise and experience, they bring both exceptional knowledge and resources to provide training in team building, behavioural profiling, communication skills, leadership, customer service, train the trainer, mentoring, brand strategy and sales, and strategic execution.


While performance improvement training can be considered somewhat boring, Jarrod’s and Melinda’s training style is anything but conventional. 

They ignite a passion for improvement by delivering their training in a fun and engaging way. They create an environment that brings learning through laughter and love getting feedback that participants didn’t even realise the skills they were taking in at the time.

Even though their delivery style may focus on being joyful and entertaining, the tools and techniques they use and share with their clients are tried, tested, and proven methods of working.  When these tools and techniques are implemented in a structured process, they deliver exceptional results every time.


While knowledge may impact the brain, the realisation of the power of an idea or concept can ignite the heart. This is known as the “light bulb moment” – it immediately made sense to the pair that the light bulb had to be part of their brand identity.

 “We love what we do and are inspired by seeing people have those light bulb moments and knowing that we have helped make that happen,” Jarrod said.

Both Jarrod and Melinda recognise that everyone has a different way of learning and processing information, and their training takes this into consideration.  Through their carefully crafted and intentional communication style they ensure that everyone who walks away from their sessions will gain the confidence that they will succeed.


Jarrod Abbott, together with Melinda Tizzone are the co-founders of #1 And Why. Their vision is to support businesses in the areas of sales, service and communication. While they are both very different, together they exude a synergistic energy that is both intelligent and joyous. Let us introduce you to both:


Meeting Jarrod is an experience you will never forget. 

He is a strikingly colourful dresser, but at the same time, there is a real intelligent, kind, and soulful energy about him.  While he believes that people learn better when the training is enjoyable and engages them, he nevertheless, takes his commitment to delivering quality training content and achieving outcomes very seriously.

Jarrod studied performing arts from an early age which made him a natural trainer, presenter and keynote speaker.  He is known for his passion and endless enthusiasm, which makes his presentations entertaining, fun and memorable.  

He believes that training should be innovative, dynamic, inspiring and drive success.

​Jarrod has over two decades of experience, working with clients so they feel comfortable and confident, be it one-on-one coaching, through to large team training events.  He has been a regular presenter at trade shows and conventions in Australia, the UK and Europe with a queue of people waiting after every presentation to see how he could support them in their business.

​His extensive career, that has taken him all over the world working in various sectors such as Fitness and Wellbeing, the Premium Spa and Medi Spa, Hair Care, Product Houses, Real Estate, Colleges, Creative Agencies and more.  It is a true testament to his training and in particular the results his clients see that he still works with clients from the start of his training career.  

​Jarrod lives by the mantra that “Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.

Jarrod Abbott, together with Melinda Tizzone are the co-founders of #1 And Why. Their vision is to support businesses in the areas of sales, service and communication. While they are both very different, together they exude a synergistic energy that is both intelligent and joyous. Let us introduce you to both:

On meeting Melinda from the outset, she exudes a warm and confident self-assurance. She is an excellent communicator with an honest and joyful disposition that immediately puts you at ease.  You are made to feel that you are in the presence of someone who has incredible knowledge that can make you achieve anything.   

Melinda’s first passion was also in the performing arts, which is evident in the delivery of her training and facilitation. She went on to do a Bachelor of Education and it was during this time she worked at retail giant Coles Myer, facilitating their sales training.  

This then led to an opportunity with the international cosmetic house, Elizabeth Arden where she was the State Training and Sales Manager.  This was the start of her two-decade love affair with the cosmetic industry. 

Melinda has mentored brands for over 14 years, supporting both start-ups and existing brands.  She has successfully helped in bringing products and services to the end consumer.  This has included product formulation, compliance, brand identity, packaging, marketing and essentially creating a smooth process from concept to market.

 Melinda’s career spans two decades and her reputation is one of being professional, knowledgeable, passionate, dynamic and of course delivering results for each and every client.  Based on the success she has created, she has also worked in retail, manufacturing, hospitality and creative industries.

Melinda is driven by her passion for helping others realise their true potential and the growth and success they achieve following this.

Recently, we spoke to both Jarrod and Melinda.  Here are some highlights from our interview:

​APJ1: Jarrod, from your experience what are the key areas that contribute to staff underperformance that businesses are struggling with and how are your programs helping them to turn things around?

One of the key areas we most often get asked to assist with is sales, either staff are fearful of “selling” or lack confidence in how to have the conversation. 

The way we address this objection in our training is to remove the fear by explaining that people that come into the business have priorities they want addressed, we just need to listen.  It is also important for team members to understand that you have a greater chance of letting patients/clients down by not prescribing to them.  We then continue the journey by sharing Behavioural Profiling and giving participants the ability to better understand themselves, their colleagues and of course their consumer.  We then create tailored tools, that help in educating clients, asking better questions and how to prescribe, based on each individual patient/client priorities.

APJ 2: Jarrod, how is your training style different and to what do you attribute your success in training outcomes?

We are incredibly passionate about understanding a business before we even set foot in a training room. We like to speak the same language as them. Be it a spa, clinic, cosmetic house, medical supply or device company, we take the time to know and understand their products, services, CRM systems and existing tools and resources that are currently used.  We then look at how we can take these, adapt them and further elevate how that business operates.

By creating bespoke modules, we also ensure that any new tools or adapted processes we share on training days are readily available in each client’s business, immediately post training for implementation.  We also work with our clients to set realistic expectations – we do this by breaking the team down by behavioural type, and then explain which styles will be the fastest to adopt the new processes and those that will need more support.  We make ourselves available to our clients to support them, especially when we are changing processes. 

We are incredibly proud that over 78% of our business is through referral and that our clients stay with us long-term.  We know that these relationships are based on the outcomes we help deliver in their business.  It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with industry leaders and we are grateful for the level of mutual respect and trust in driving the success of clients and their teams.

APJ3: Melinda, tell us a little about your Behavioural Profiling program and how is this training helping staff to achieve better business communication and improve sales?

Understanding how behavioural profiling works truly is truly, life changing.
Behavioural Profiling allows you to comprehend the fundamentals of communication. By exploring your own behavioural style and identifying key drivers in how you take in information is vital to the process, being able to then identify the behavioural styles of your colleagues and clients helps you to communicate more effectively, essentially helping to build and maintain successful professional relationships. 

APJ4: How has your industry experience and teaching qualifications enabled you to create positive changes in the people you train?

My education degree and experience in the classroom has been advantageous in the sense that it has taught me to plan and foster environments that are conducive to learning. Being able to identify and cater to all learning styles and ensure participants achieve educational outcomes is incredibly important to their overall success. This has always been my motivation as a trainer.

You can find out more about #1 And Why at including client testimonials.

To find out how Jarrod and Melinda can help you and your business, contact them now:

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