This week we also received correspondence from the Victoria Department of Health who referenced our ongoing correspondence and phone conversations bringing to the Government’s attention our industry’s commitment to high standards of safety and infection control measures through both our courses, as well as qualification requirements for many of our practitioners who perform skin penetration procedures. 

This is an ongoing pursuit as businesses in Victoria have had to navigate through very strict safety measures and extended lockdowns that have sent many businesses into bankruptcy.

While we maintain a respectful position with the Government, we are committed to bringing to their attention the need for more considerate policies that take into account the risk management measures that our industry sector is complying with, rather than being grouped with the broader hair and beauty category. 

We recognise that we are a smaller division within the personal services industry, however, it is important that our voice is heard, and that the Government is updated, and takes into consideration what safety measures we have in place, and the financial impact on our businesses when policies are excessive.

We did achieve a victory in overturning the mandatory requirement last year for masks to be worn by the client within the treatment room. Following both our correspondence and in-depth conversation with Victorian Health this mandate was lifted within 24 hours of our contact with them.  

In their letter, the Minister’s office confirmed that they have taken note of and appreciate our recommendations. They also confirmed that “Victoria moves into a new phase of pandemic recovery through a strong position…. We can now look to the future with confidence because of the efforts of every single person to support Victoria through some of its most challenging times,” the Minister said.