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The psychology of colour | The symbolism and Meaning of Magenta

December 9, 2022

One of the most effective ways to influence and gently shift our mood is through the impact of colour. 

Numerous studies have been conducted to investigate the psychological impact of colors on our feelings, moods, and even behavior.

The colour pink, for example, is thought to be a calming colour associated with love, kindness, and femininity. It is used in psychiatric practices to calm anger and irritation. 

During the early stages of the pandemic, when anxiety was at its peak, using pink as part of APAN’s branding received extensive favourable reviews, as it matched our message of providing strategies for greater safety and invoked a feeling of calmness for aestheticians.

In the upcoming issue of APJ which should be posted this week to all our members and subscribers, we feature an interesting article on the history and the political implication of the colour red.

We hope it will provide you with an appreciation of how a simple primary colour has been used to communicate powerful political messages. The article shows how this can impact our heart rates and even influence our hormones.

Below we profile the symbolism and meaning of the colour of the year; Magenta.

Magenta is an amazing colour consisting of a blend of red and blue that was inspired by the beautiful fuchsia flower.

Magenta is a vivid, crisp colour that can vary in shade depending on the percentage of red to blue ratio. 

In terms of its history, magenta was first named in 1860 and originally called Fuchsine.

It was given its new name in honour of the victory at the Battle of Magenta in the Italian-French War. The battle was fought by the French and Austrians and took place on June 4, 1859, near Magenta, a small town in Lombardy.

Magenta will not be found in the visible spectrum. It is impossible to create magenta using only one wavelength of light as it is a secondary colour. It is created by combining violet, blue and red with no green.

Magenta and fuchsia are in fact identical colours as they are created by mixing exact amounts of red and blue.

The Psychological Significance of Magenta

  • Magenta is thought to be friendly and welcoming.
  • It promotes happiness and protects you from confrontation.
  • Encourages compassion and makes people feel the need to help others.
  • The colour magenta promotes inward intuition and expression.
  • Promotes relaxation and discourages aggression.
  • Due to its brightness, magenta is also considered an uplifting, joyful colour compared to soft pink which is more sedating and calming.

This striking colour is also associated with passion and power.

Magenta’s feminine qualities are evident from its purple undertones and its pink elements.

Magenta is also considered to be most notably a romantic colour. These are the main characteristics of magenta. But it also has a deeper meaning.

Emotional Harmony

People can feel more at ease when surrounded by magenta. All seems well when emotions and values align. If you are looking for emotional clarity, the colour magenta is the best choice. Soon you will find the answers that you have been searching for. You can achieve a sense of balance with magenta.

Colour that uplifts

The colour magenta can lighten our moods and inspire a feeling of joy.  Magenta stimulates feelings of cheerfulness and contentment.  It encourages people to appreciate the things that they have and things they have already achieved. 

You will also feel more optimistic if you are surrounded by this colour. 

Universal love

  • The magenta is a symbol of the highest level of love. 
  • It is a colour that encourages people to be cooperative, kind, and compassionate. 
  • It also inspires people to enjoy a sense of contentment and self-respect. 
  • The colour Magenta is also caring and gentle. 

Encourages Common Sense

  • Magenta does not accept hypotheticals or what-if scenarios.
  • It focuses instead on the present.

This pragmatic approach eliminates negative thinking and anxious thoughts.


Magenta is a colour that is significant and can help you discover your identity with its bold, calming approach.

This colour will help you discover your true colours in you’re business and clinic and we can see it coming into fashion, branding and aesthetician branding in 2023.

Not only will it encourage you to revisit your beliefs from time to time, but it will also help you gain clarity on your values and become more grounded in your business ventures.

Strengthens Intuition

Magenta enhances the sixth sense by being close to it. Magenta can help you feel more confident by making things clearer.

This powerful colour sharpens our perceptions and in turn, makes us more rational.

In 2023, the deeply saturated Viva Magenta shade will leave its mark. 

Both the color and its name feel powerful and celebratory. The word “viva” translates to “live” in many Latin-based languages but is often used to express and promote the long life of something. 

Did you know?

You might not think it’s nature-inspired but nevertheless, Viva Magenta was really inspired by one of the first known natural dyes, a red made from the cochineal bug, which is a scale insect.

Brands that are using Magenta for 2023

A lot of brands have already been incorporating bold red or magenta shades in their clinical skincare and make-up brands.

Just some of these include:

  • Issada Mineral Cream Lipsticks  are powerful and enduring mineral pigments that glide over lips with a blend of moisture-rich oils and butters to keep lips ultra-smooth, soft and supple. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and keeps lips full, while Vitamins C and E heal, protect and condition lips throughout the day.
  • Bobbi Brown’s Extra Lip Tint comes in a Bare Raspberry shade that allows you to add a hint of Viva Magenta to your makeup palette. The lip tint is infused with botanical oils like olive, jojoba and avocado oils to hydrate skin, and the brand says the product also plumps lips.
  • Roccoco Botanicals Ruby Crystal Cleanser is Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory oils and essential fatty acids to calm, nourish and restore the skin’s barrier leaving the skin refreshed. 

If applied carelessly, the bright hue Viva Magenta risks taking over a design. However, it also has the ability to provide a splash of colour, make a strong statement, or work in harmony with other design components.

As you explore these colour palettes, keep colour contrast ratios in mind. Dark hues like Viva Magenta may not be the greatest choice for background or text colour but can shine as a bold statement. Viva Magenta is an eye-grabbing colour amongst neutrals.

Magenta is a powerful colour that helps people distinguish fact from fiction. Viva Magenta is the new colour of 2023 and we can’t wait to see how it is incorporated into your branding for 2023!

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