Since COVID-19 we are seeing a constantly increasing number of consumers contacting us seeking confirmation on the qualification of practitioners they are considering undertaking their services. This is becoming a growing phenomenon.

As consumers have become acutely aware of the prevalence of health risks and the ease of transmission of viruses, studies also confirm that the issue of safety has now risen as the number one consumer concern, bypassing the demand for treatment results as the priority requirement.

Additionally, government agencies are encouraging businesses and practitioners to align themselves to their industry bodies as a way of demonstrating their commitment to new compliance requirements, risk management and responsible practices.

The importance of belonging to a professional association body has never been more important as rules and interpretation of mandates are changing from one week to the next.

In 2021 APAN dedicated over 40% of its activities to interacting with Health Departments and Government Regulatory agencies through personal interaction, as well as submission of comprehensive reports. 

Our work in this area has substantially increased over the past 24 months, and we have been consistent in bringing to the government’s attention our member’s commitment to ongoing high standards of practice as a highly valuable and safe profession.

Additionally, as an industry body, APAN was one of the first to introduce a COVID-19 infection control policy, prior to the Government, for which we were congratulated by the Federal Health Minister. 

We then developed the PAN001 Pandemic Infection Control study course (developed by Emeritus Professor Laurence J. Walsh) supported by the International Safety and Infection Control Charter. 

National and International Alliances

In 2021 APAN established an international alliance with the New Zealand Board of Profession Skin Therapies (NZBPST), as well as the European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research (ESTP). 

This week we also signed a MOU with the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists (ASCD) and we believe this alliance will also help us continue to support our members with the most up-to-date educational information in cosmetic dermatology.

While APAN was established in 2009, our directors have extensive industry expertise in standards, education and governance that spans over 50 years.  Through the wisdom of our Advisory Council, we are at the forefront of innovative advances that support and raise the standards of our industry as a respected profession.

When you join APAN as a professional member you are supporting an experienced organisation that is totally committed to your protection, education and professional development.

If you have not renewed your membership, you can do so from our website Click here or you can phone 07 55930 360 and speak to us for further assistance.

If you are not a member, we would love to welcome you and help you benefit from the numerous services and resource documents. Don’t forget to add a subscription to our aesthetics journal (APJ Journal), and attend our conference programs, or one of our government and industry endorsed courses. Additionally, you can apply for our ARAP or CTARP registration gain qualification recognition and participate in our CPD Points Program.

We would love to continue to support you and add value and support throughout your membership. APAN is respected and acknowledged as the leading Aesthetics standard body/association by other peak bodies, government regulatory agencies and leading international organisations. 

You can reach us 9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday or 24 hours on social media, our team can promptly answer any of your needs or concerns. We also offer an online support group for you to join and don’t forget to follow our social media accounts.

We are backed by a legal firm of over 40 lawyers, experts in Industrial Relations Law, Business and Trademarks.

APAN is well-positioned to support you on many levels.

By joining APAN you will be a member of the leading aesthetic community of practice. 07 5593 0360.