L1FE CirQul8™ is a remarkable product that will improve the heart, immunity, and vitality of you and your clientele.

Our current circumstance has caused us to reconsider our priorities in terms of health and well-being. Using a comprehensive approach to health management, Jeunesse Australasia has created L1FE CirQul8TM, a remarkable solution for optimal health. Ubiquinol, Annatto Tocotrienols, Nicotinamide, Pyridoxine, Ascorbic Acid, and Zinc are among the six cutting-edge evidence-based ingredients in the L1FE CirQul8TM formulation that have been scientifically researched to support energy production, hair, skin, and nail health, cardiovascular health, immunity defence, energy, and mental focus.

L1FE CirQul8™ has been developed keeping in mind the power of the fat-soluble antioxidant, Ubiquinol, which is the active form of CoenzymeQ10, that is vital for supporting mitochondrial health /energy production in the cells of our body as well as defense against ‘free radicals damage. Ubiquinol, a vital antioxidant with more than 70 scientific studies, is the active form of CoQ10 that is found naturally in the body and starts to decline around the age of 301.

Its role is to extract energy from the food we ingest and assist in powering the body’s overall energy levels as well as supporting the health of major organs, including the heart.

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