Image for The Evolution of Compounding Formulations for Health, Wellbeing and Skin Treatments.

The Evolution of Compounding Formulations for Health, Wellbeing and Skin Treatments.

March 25, 2022

During the past two years, the pandemic has created significant changes on so many levels. Businesses’ disruptions have necessitated the need for owners and managers to review their services and operational procedures and adapt to new ways of doing business and surviving. 

Meanwhile, during the extensive lockdown periods, consumers have used the time to conduct their own research that has reshaped their views on new advances in cosmetic treatments, skin care formulations, as well as wellness and mental health issues.  But how accurate is the information they have accessed and how has it shaped their thinking and expectations?

Extensive global studies are warning businesses to expect changes to their client’s expectations on their return. As their expert advisor, you have a duty of care to educate them through accurate and sound, evidence-based information. 

Are you up to date on your own knowledge?

This panel discussion will explore some of the new research findings on skincare ingredients, formulations, changes in consumer expectations and some of the new approaches that are providing better solutions as we move forward beyond the pandemic.  Join this interesting discussion as three leading industry experts share the new developments and the great opportunities they bring to enhance your business.

The Panel of Experts:

  • Chris Testa (compounding pharmacist and BioBalance nutritional expert and formulator)
  • Ben  Eshelby (compounding pharmacist and formulating chemist in healthcare and personal care industries)
  • Mary-Lou Condon (anti-ageing health practitioner specialising in hormonal health). 

All three are also senior lecturers for academic institutions, regular speakers at medical and aesthetic conferences and recognised researchers in their specific fields.

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