Ongoing industry advances are contributing to a need for an in-depth review of qualifications within many industries, Beauty and Aesthetics to ensure they meet the ever-evolving changes and needs.

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations released a statement this week confirming that the Australian, state and territory governments are working together to develop a new model for VET training products, including qualifications and skill sets, to ensure they are relevant to labour market needs.

Proposed reforms seek to build upon the strengths of the existing VET system to ensure that Australia has a VET system that is fit-for-purpose – efficient, effective, and easy to navigate, with a focus on transferable and relevant skills that enable learners to get jobs, and also supports upskilling and reskilling throughout their career.

Information on the proposed model for the VET qualifications design online survey is now live on the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website. 

We encourage you to complete the survey which can be found here

The survey will remain open until 5 pm AEDT, 17 March 2023.