May 5, 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have been notified that the BESBT has approved User Choice funding for the DIPLOMA of BEAUTY THERAPY APPRENTICESHIP.

It will now appear as a ‘Priority 1’ so that means it is 100% funded under User Choice.

Check this out here

The new Diploma also now appears on QTIS (Queensland Training Information Service).

While this page will provide you with further information, it is still showing as NO User Choice funding, please note that we have now been verbally informed that full funding has been approved.

An IRG meeting that will follow next week will go through several issues in finalizing this process.  These includes:

  • Implementation of the apprenticeship
  • User Choice funding overview
  • Industry notification
  • AASN notification
  • Award information

This is very exciting news – we could not have hoped for a better outcome. A big thank you to Jenni Champion who worked tirelessly to coordinate this program.  Thank you also to other industry participants who have contributed to this process with their input despite their busy schedules, ensuring that the outcome of this program met industry requirements.

We are delighted that Jenni will be one of our speakers at the upcoming “Bloom” APAN AESTHETIC CONFERENCE. 

Jenni will be presenting an update on this initiative on the 18th of July at the live event on the Gold Coast. However, all the lectures will be video recorded, so those who cannot attend in person will be able to view the full-day event online.

Register here | Before the tickets go!

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