You Need This Document for your Clinic

Over the past three months, APAN has been working extensively in consultation with several academics, reviewing the latest research findings and updates on both COVID-related skin manifestations and treatment recommendations and solutions as they come to hand.

Delivering on our promise

We have finally completed COVID SKIN MANIFESTATIONS AND SOLUTIONS – a 68-page document that will is considered a ‘one-of-a-kind’ manual that compiles the very latest evidence-based findings and treatment recommendations as we now face the next phase and the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. 

Studies now confirm over 100 persistent skin manifestations that can be classified under six basic categories that are due to individuals who have experienced COVID-19 infections. 

Additionally, studies confirm that up to 70% of individuals who have experienced a COVID-19 infection will also experience what is known as COVID long haul with manifestations of ongoing symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Recurring headaches
  • Hair loss (particularly in women)
  • Irregular sleep
  • Depression
  • As well as potential skin reaction, well after they have overcome the virus.

What will this document provide you?

COVID Skin Manifestations and Solutions is both an APAN ‘Position Statement’ as well as a training document that you can refer to as well as train your staff on scientifically based information and evidence-based treatment approaches. 

The document consists of two sections.

Section 1:  Cutaneous Manifestations Impacted by COVID-19.

This section covers the various categories of skin disorders and provides some permitted images to assist in identifying them, their symptoms, and what impact they have on various organs. 

The objective of this section is to assist you in recognising them as these manifestations may occur prior to a diagnosed infection, during infection and they can also manifest months after someone is totally clear of the infection. 

We also present the latest literature on how the body is impacted and what organs may be compromised.

As a skincare practitioner, your client may experience a reaction following one of your treatments, or even through an application of a product.  It is therefore important that you are accurately informed to identify if the reaction is COVID related so that you can act accordingly. 

 Section 2: Treatment considerations and options

In this section, we review the literature to determine treatment options that have been deemed valuable to support your clients’ recovery.

It covers various treatment modalities and the underlying causes contributing to the various conditions. Treatment modalities and protocols that are recommended have proven benefits and include diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Why do you need this document?

This document has been carefully constructed based on existing and emerging studies that will provide the industry with credible data to identify COVID-related symptoms so they can educate both staff and clients in a responsible manner.

It is imperative that every practitioner and business owner in the personal service industry, especially those who offer skin and age-management services access this document and familiarise themselves with its content, as a matter of best practice.

  • Our aim with this initiative is to provide you with another level of protection and support.
  • Skin manifestations are on the rise, and it is important that you are accurately informed on how to navigate and address these concerns with your staff.
  • This document will equip you to build trust with your clients and you will also be able to face these challenges more confidently through an evidence-based approach.


It will be made available to members for their personal use and for training their immediate staff. This document is not permitted to be given to a third party.  Apan financial members will be able to access this document free of charge. 

Non-members who wish access can do so at a fee of $400.

This document is now available please access it here.