With consistently strong messages

Making a strong comeback this year on July 21, 2022, Cosmoprof North America featured many new brands and their latest offerings. While big brands were notably absent from the show floor, there were countless new brands to discover.

We saw many interesting offerings, which we grouped into the following themes:


The idea of self-care, do-it-yourself, and better for you popped up in several ways. On the heels of the pandemic, some skincare brands, including Shielded and Fortify touted germ-fighting protection.

Geske Beauty Devices

The exhibition also features strongly next-generation beauty devices that offer improved design or function for at-home use, including Geske with its array of colours and designs at affordable prices and La Luer with its patented device that integrates six different technologies. Meanwhile, Reuzel has forayed into the world of tattoo care with a line of products that exfoliate, hydrate, and add shine to the tattooed skin.

Orly breathable nail colours

When it comes to nail care, some brands such as Orly feature breathable colours. Other brands featured quaint at-home nail starter kits and one-step Manicure kits.


We saw offerings that allow salon professionals to make bespoke products and looks.

The Alfalfa Nail Supply booth featured a nail polish machine by DreaMau, through which nail technicians can create an endless array of nail polish and gel polish shades. SNS featured its Air Ombre Nails spray-on technology, also allowing nail technicians to create numerous custom looks.


Along several brands, the issue of sustainability and clean beauty is featured strongly.

Another upcoming trend taking sustainability one step further was the concept of “upcycled beauty”.  This is the process for transforming by-products and waste materials into new, greater quality materials or products. 

A message to all Australian Salon owners

While home devices will never match the capabilities of professional devices, your role is to provide a comparative analysis of what a home device can provide and how it can support your client’s homecare routine. 

While they cannot compete in performance they can complement, and if this is what your client wants it is to your advantage to provide them with the appropriate tool.


Another area where sales are experiencing a surge is in daily consumables that are developed with a greater focus on safety, clean and microbiome-friendly formulations

These items include:

  • Toothpaste
  • Next-generation deodorants
  • Safer sunscreen protection products

Speak to your professional skincare supplier and include these items in your offerings focusing on your point of difference and how they can provide greater care and protection to your clients.