Please be advised that the Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship from the Hairdressing and Beauty Services Training Package in the following table has been declared with an effective date of 7 February 2022.

The only issue we are still awaiting is the decision on the funding allocation, which we anticipate will be announced very soon.

Qual. CodeApprenticeship or Traineeship NameQualification NameDec Type A or TNominal Term
SHB50115Beauty TherapistDiploma of Beauty TherapyA36 mths

We have had several businesses who have indicated that they wish to be involved with this training option for their potential staff.  Once the funding provision will be announced we will provide you with further details.

While the Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship is only available for Queensland businesses, there are other states that are also providing a similar program, or that a looking at duplicating this program to also suit their needs.

An extensive amount of work has gone into this training option to ensure that rigorous training standards are delivered that will meet the national standards required for this qualification.  We believe this program will provide a much-needed alternative option for staff training to also meet current industry needs.