If you haven’t already joined Apan, this is a terrific time to do so.

We have just launched our Mental Hygiene and Business Development Program, so on joining or renewing your membership you will be given a link to access this amazing 45page document. Valued at $400 it is available for FREE to all our current financial members. 

We are excited for businesses to implement it and give us their feedback on how it worked for them.

Each chapter has an activity page for you to determine your own implementation plan as each business is different and what strategy may work for one business may not work for another.  The key benefit you will gain is how you can change the way you think and process information. allow you to navigate through your challenges with new tools on how to achieve your breakthrough in your specific areas of need.

I know that putting it together has given us a new perspective on how we connect with others, and it has allowed us to gain the ability to operate our daily lives with less stress that is contributing to a happier and more productive environment.

On completing your registration, you will immediately receive your invoice as well and within one week you will receive a new members kit and an email with an update with your documents. 

You will also receive the link to the Mental Hygiene and Business Development document.  Please download it and retain your copy in a safe place within your computer, so that you can access it as often as you wish. 

Once you download the link you will not be able to download it twice from the link.  It is therefore important that you store your download in a special file on your computer so that you can access it as often as you wish. You will need to do so, as you walk through the various chapters.

We will also be printing hard copies of the manual in case you prefer a hard copy.  However, these will come at a cost.

Please join or renew your membership Now and to receive these benefits and join our growing APAN community