While overall, we have been impressed with the level of resilience that we are seeing with many of you, within our industry one of the areas that we are finding businesses struggling is with issues of mental health. The pressures of uncertain times, managing ongoing changes, or even determining the right choices for your future are often contributing to overwhelm. 

APAN’s ethos is as much about your individual wellbeing, as it is about your professional and business progress. We care about you on several levels, and you will see that reflected in articles you will find within APJ Journal, as well as with speaker segments within our conference programs that always include areas of personal development and information on improving resilience, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Recently, we approached a renowned psychiatrist who has worked extensively in developing a Preventative Mental Health program for business professionals. The program is designed to help you better manage your thought processes, improve emotional and mental clarity, and provide you with clinically proven tools to overcome burnout, mental stress, and confusion.  The program is in its final stages of development, and we are exploring options on how we can package it to help our members better manage mental issues that sabotage their peace and their ability to run their life and business.  The aim is to provide you with tools that allow you to remain in control and navigate your daily challenges with greater peace and confidence.

Additionally, the intention of this program is to also help you improve your interaction with your staff and clients, while also benefiting you in your personal relationships.  How does that sound?  If you are interested stay tuned for further updates.