Success isn’t always instant. It is as a result of clever and strategic planning, and there is not a better time to review and refresh your plan than now, with Christmas and the festive season so close.  Deb Farnworth-Wood knows how to ensure the success of a business.  Here she shares some of her valuable tips on how to best prepare for the months ahead to ensure you achieve truly successful Christmas trading.

It feels like Christmas is almost upon us – so are you ready?

Here are our 12 imperatives for a prosperous Christmas trading season

  1. Have you outlined your staff holiday policy? Between October and December it really needs to be all hands-on deck and staff holidays could cause loss of productivity hours and associated revenue?
  1. Refreshers on sales techniques and product/treatment knowledge are another non-negotiable. Bring your staff focus back to not only sales target expectations but customer service goals such as client experience.
  1. Encourage clients to think about new season makeup colours and seasonal changes in skincare resulting from the warmer weather – consider a “new season skincare review” campaign. 
  1. Offer VIP events in which you educate and re-enthuse those higher spenders with rewards for attending.
  1. Plan your holiday displays to feature your latest product offers or GWP in ways that both delight your clients and steps into the seasonal vibe, drawing the client’s attention and curiosity.
  1. Stock up well – remember people are naturally more likely to buy from a well-stocked shelf and there is nothing worse than loss of sales through stock shortages.
  1. Plan your promotions from now right through to February and Valentine’s Day. If you only plan until Christmas, your January and February sales will fall short!
  1. Use a combination of strategies to keep your business at the front of your clients’ minds including social media, EDMs to your database and personal calls to clients.
  1. Re-evaluate your consultation processes; are your staff capable and competent in the development of effective treatment plans to maximise client results?
  1. Consider gift voucher and gift opportunities and refresh staff on the importance of upselling and value adding rather than discounting.
  1. Offer gift wrapping but make sure it’s stunning and memorable.
  1. Monitor sales targets and KPI daily – there’s only just a few weeks until Christmas. 

Finally, remember to also have some fun – working hard is so much easier when it’s fun too. Let’s make this season something to celebrate about.