With several states opening up following prolonged lockdowns, the feedback we are receiving is a high increase of skin rashes, sensitivities, and inflamed skin.

There are several ingredients that can be of value to soothe and hydrate the skin and one that we would like to focus on here is the amazing benefits of Colloidal Oatmeal.

We don’t think there is a mother that would not vouch for colloidal oatmeal as it is considered one of the safest and most effective and dermatologically supported ingredients for baby rashes and you can’t get better than that for treating delicate and sensitive skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal is a known skin protecting agent.  It is also known to soothe the skin while preventing dehydration, which can often happen when the skin is hot and inflamed.

In general, colloidal oatmeal can be used for any skin type and condition that requires hydration, but in particular, it is highly beneficial for compromised skin that is dry and prone to rashes, eczema, or other inflamed skin conditions.  To help soothe such skin conditions it is recommended to use colloidal oatmeal twice a day.

Supporting the skin during irritating skin treatments

Colloidal oatmeal can also be used in conjunction with ingredients that can be irritating to the skin, such as peels such as alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoids, to help minimise irritation and disruption of the skin barrier.

Colloidal oatmeal is such a nurturing ingredient that it can be compatible and works well with most, if not all, other ingredients. Studies show that colloidal oatmeal can function as a cleanser, moisturiser, skin soother, and protective anti-inflammatory agent. The skin protectant is available in various forms (such as powders, gels, and creams) and is found in bath and shower products, shampoos, cleansers, ointments, and moisturisers.

With skin irritations on the rise, it is a worthwhile pursuit to review evidence-based ingredients that can be trusted to help support skin recovery and provide healing from rashes and irritation.  To learn more about new data on Colloidal oatmeal check out pages 58-59 in Volume 48 issue of APJ Journal that was recently published.  If you have not received it and wish to view this issue click here

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