Topic: Wound healing and Aesthetic treatments

Introducing: Speaker, Danielle Hughes

Length of lecture: 30 Minutes

The wound healing model underpins a vast majority of aesthetic treatments – from laser to radiofrequency, skin needling to plasma pen, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

The key to the results we seek is to match the treatments to the limits of our client’s ability to repair and heal. Renowned as a leading researcher and educator Danielle Hughes will share important information on how to appropriate the theory of wound healing as it relates to the various procedures performed with aesthetic treatments. 

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Aesthetic treatments that induce wound healing
  • Understanding client healing limitations through consultation
  • Tensile strength of scar collagen
  • Epithelisation
  • Practical take homes that will see you either rethinking or cementing your approach to safe and reliable post-treatment care

Danielle Hughes is renowned globally for her in-depth and evidence-based education in all things aesthetic and cosmetic.  In this lecture, she will discuss a key facet of wound healing, one we rely on before new collagen and extracellular matrix is synthesised. A facet that must be allowed to effectively take place before the wound can remodel.

Topic: Essentialism – understanding the new black of audience behaviour

Introducing: Speaker, Gillian Fish

Length of lecture: 30 minutes

Essentialism is the new frontier principle of audience behaviour borne out of the seismic shift in the way we live, work and play, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. As audiences have needed to adapt dramatically to the unfolding pandemic, finding a new rhythm in all facets of life, albeit still with a dose of the uncertainty of what lies ahead.  Most have needed to pare back to what is absolutely essential in life – people, time spent and consumption, either out of necessity or a desire to take the opportunity to reset, in this once-in-one-hundred-year Great Reset moment.

Join Gillian Fish, as she unfolds what is Essentialism and how it impacts your brand.  This information will help you leverage the principles for better client engagement and business growth.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Essentialism the new frontier of wellbeing
  • Macro and micro trends influencing this philosophy
  • What actions we need to take to drive audience engagement, brand growth and ROI
  • 10 Essentialism Checks to ensure your Marketing is audience-relevant

Gillian Fish is the CEO of The 6th AM Agency, a leading branding  and public relations Agency. Gillian is the author of two amazing books Good + Well; 25 World Experts Share Their Secrets to Wellbeing and Resilience.  She is a Creative Communications leader with a passion for building businesses, stemming from a 30+ year career in publishing and agency ownership. Prior to migrating to Australia, Gillian was Managing Editor of one of South Africa’s leading lifestyle magazines.

Topic: transepidermal deliver of actives: serums vs creams

Introducing: Speaker, DR Donna Marcal

Length of lecture: 30 minutes

With the advent of ingredient permeability and micronisation of active ingredients in skincare, the common belief is that serums are our only topically applied options for optimal penetration of actives. However, new studies challenge this notion.  Dr Donna Marcal holds a phD in biochemistry and is a passionate educator in cosmetic ingredients and biotechnology. 

In this lecture you will learn:

  • How skincare ingredients penetrate the skin and to what level
  • New advances in skincare trans-epidermal delivery systems
  • Can lipid-based actives be successfully included with water-based actives in the one formula
  • What do the studies say about serums versus creams when it comes to the effective delivery of actives.

Dr Donna Marçal, originally from Canada, is a specialist doctor in human Biochemistry from The University of Ottawa. Dr Marçal is specialised in inflammation and how the body reacts to foreign materials. Her work has been published in numerous highly respected biomedical industry journals around the world. She has been awarded several international research fellowships for her work including the Prime Minister’s Science Award from Australia, which facilitated her to continue the award-winning research program here in Australia. Dr Marçal is the founder and formulator of Dermatonics, an active cosmetic skincare line for salons, clinics and their clients.

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