Phyt’s ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM has been the holy grail since 1980 when it was first introduced to salons and spas in single-dose ampoules and capsules as serum ARH23. Its amazing ability to penetrate to the deeper layers of the epidermis allows it to target cellular regeneration rapidly improving the appearance of the skin to a more youthful glow.

This highly nutritious phyto-complex is 100% natural and certified organic and is dedicated to mature skin over 40, lacking in tone.

Studies confirm its ability to dramatically reduce the length as well as the depth of wrinkles for smoother and visibly younger-looking skin. The anti-wrinkle efficacy of this serum lies in the synergy of essential oils and plant extracts combined in a potent and active complex.

Anti-Wrinkle Serum combines the extraordinary power of pressed seeds such as wheat germ, castor, hazelnut and sunflower oils and the properties of high-quality aromatic plant essences such as essential oils of cypress, rosemary, thyme, and lavender.

Anti-Wrinkle Serum delivers amazing results to mature skin, enhancing a more youthful appearance while being friendly to our environment.

Tested and proven: fines lines are diminished and wrinkles smoother. Skin looks younger, more beautiful.

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