We break it down for you.

We are receiving several phone calls from businesses checking on the very latest in the roadmaps for NSW and Victoria.  Below we are providing you with the latest updates – the Victorian reopening directive (please see the link below).

In this directive beauty and personal care services can open if everyone present is fully vaccinated (with density limits of one person per 4 sqm indoors or outdoors).

There are no restrictions for clients to have to wear a mask during treatments so facial service can be delivered.  However, please make sure you are following all the infection control measures.

Most of you have them, however, if you require any assistance, please phone APAN on 07 5593 0360 and we can provide you with the documentation that you will need to use and comply with.

Please check this link for further details: www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/shopping-and-retail


Below we have given you two links:

  1. The roadmap presents the rules from the 8th November and the 5th December.
  • The second link presents detailed information as a Q & A and provides quite a lot of detail that you have requested. 

 ROADMAP: www.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/2021-11/nsw-roadmap-nov8.pdf

YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/business/covid-safe-business/vaccination-compliance-for-businesses

Also, for NSW if you require further details about your compliance, please feel free to contact APAN 07 55930360. For NSW also, please ensure that you fully comply with your Covid safe Plan and adhere to infection control measures.