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Speaker Update for PMU Program 2021

November 1, 2021

With the launch of the new nationally accredited Diploma in Cosmetic Tattooing, the PMU industry is getting ready for a major qualification overhaul. Are you ready for the changes and how will they affect you?

APAN is launching a one-day PMU Professional Development program that will provide you with quality education and industry updates on how best to prepare for the changes.

This will be an online event that you can register and view regardless of your location.  The program will be available for a full month and you can purchase it at any time as this is an online program. You can watch and revisit the various segments at a time and date that may best suit you. Each session will be approximately 20-30 minutes. You can choose to view them in the order you wish and at your convenience.


Cosmetic tattoo removal: Alice McIntosh – Senior lecturer and trainer.

Are you undertaking eyebrow corrections? Learn the safe and successful way of tattoo brow removal.

Mastering lip techniques | Katherine McCann lecturer and trainer, Director of FaceBox.

Designing a lip-line and full lip tattooing can be quite transformational in improving one’s appearance.  Learn the latest tips for enhancing ageing lips that deliver beautiful outcomes and with less pain.

Wheel of health | The New Frontier in Skin Recovery post PMU procedures:

Chris Testa | Compound Pharmacist, Senior Lecturer, and Director of Formulae.

Both topical anesthetics and skin recovery products are evolving into new and better formulations.  Learn the latest industry developments and product formulations that can now provide you with a new level of protection, support, and skin repair that can transform your treatment outcomes and enhance your bottom line.

Lip complication with cosmetic tattooing | Maja Ercegovac, Master trainer, Principal of Holo Academy.

Mastering lip tattooing is a very rewarding experience.  However, the lips are the most painful area of the face.  Furthermore, with age they can lose volume and become uneven, creating serious challenges.  Learn both how to avoid and how to correct complications and achieve beautiful results.

New Cosmetic Tattooing Qualification | Liz and Robert McGowan, Directors of Think Aesthetics (RTO).

The new nationally approved SHB50320Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing has now been sighed off and will soon be available replacing the previous unit of competency SHBBSKS003 Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattooing. Learn how this will impact you and the future of PMU.

CTARP registration | Your mark of Recognition | Tina Viney – CEO of APAN

In a progressively crowded PMU market enhance your reputation and consumer recognition through industry endorsed registration and stand out from the crowd. CTARP registration will provide you with peak industry body endorsement and recognition you can be proud of.

Ombre eyebrow demonstration: Alice McIntosh | lecturer and trainer

Ombre eyebrows are the very latest trend in eyebrow design that can provide amazing natural and beautiful results.  Learn some leading techniques to master this procedure.

 Carol Dinis (Senior TAFE lecturer and trainer, Director, All Eyes Permanent Beauty.

Understanding how colour is formed in the skin, how to enhance and how to neutralise them once inserted into the skin is both a science and an art form, and getting it right will determine the success or failure of your end result.  Learn the principles of getting it right.

PMU panel | Your questions answered: Tina Hammond, Georgie Westley, Jemma Wood, Nicole Prance, and Katherine McCann (Moderator).

Give us your questions and let our experts answer them.  This will be a fun, dynamic session where industry experts will answer your questions and share with you their wisdom and advice for all things PMU.

Ombre Eyeliner: Louise Adeline

Learn why ombre eyeliner is fast becoming a popular procedure.  Enhance the eyes with an amazing powder finish creates the illusion of more youthful and larger eyes without the harsh outlines.


APAN current member: $199

Non-member: $220

Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance and will be awarded 10CPD points towards their professional development.


Sponsors:  ThinkAesthetics | Formulae| Holo Academy

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