If you own a clinic and use Facebook, you’ve probably seen some hurtful comments over the years, either in your feed or on your page.

We have some big news!

Facebook is rolling out some major key changes to its news feed, allowing page administrators to have more control now than ever. Facebook will give not only the clinic owner back its control on who can comment on posts but page owners, creators, and public figures will be able to limit interactions. Currently, Facebook post users, including salons and clinics will be held liable for defamatory remarks on their posts but with the new changes coming Facebook is giving the power back.

Another move on the way is that the big tech company would encourage consumers to order their feeds chronologically rather than relying on the algorithm. Don’t know what the Facebook algorithm is?

Basically, this determines the order and distribution of messages, ensuring that users see only the content that is most important to them (so your likes and dislikes). Rather than publishing material in chronological order, Facebook presents posts and advertisements depending on what it considers to be important to you, the customer. All of this is about to change which means at a click of a button you can determine who can comment and who can’t.

Facebook users will now be able to choose between three different options for each of their news posts: Comments will be allowed by the entire public, comments will be allowed by just friends, or comments will be allowed by only profiles and pages mentioned in the post. In theory, if you tag a Facebook profile or page that you alone manage, you can also mark a public post as one that no one can comment on.

It’s hard to say whether the changes were released due to the news ban in Australia but all we know is Facebook is back up and running in Australia, but the corporation is likely aware that it must make special sacrifices if it is not to meet stricter scrutiny. Limiting comments will definitely reduce interaction (the only measure Facebook really cares about), but it will also clamp down on stuff like abuse and unwelcomed comments.